About 5th Element Coffee

5th Element is driven by coffee. It’s what we do and what we love.5th Element Coffee Bar

We're dedicated to Direct Relationship Coffee: a partnership with the farmers at origin to ensure each crop is hand-selected, the growing process is environmentally sound, and that workers are treated well and paid a fair wage. How do we accomplish this?

World Barista Champion and 5th Element co-owner Alejandro Mendez has personal relationships with each farmer, visiting the farms throughout the year and collaborating to bring you the finest coffee in El Salvador. That's why you won't see any slick marketing names or labels attached to our coffee. We believe in naming our single origin coffees for the farms and farmers who labor to bring them to you.

Alejandro roasts these coffees at his craft roastery in El Salvador, 4 Monkeys Coffee Roasters, and delivers them to Madison weekly to ensure freshness, quality and transparency.

We at 5th Element Coffee have the final honor of preparing these fine coffees and presenting them to you to enjoy, to savor, and to discover a quality of coffee that doesn’t need sweetener or cream because the natural flavors shine through.

It takes extra work, and many hands to bring this quality of coffee to you, but that’s the 5th Element — the Human Element — which pours passion and dedication into fine coffee for your cup.

We're a relaxed group of people who like talking about music, the Badgers, our Regent Neighborhood and yes, coffee. We love sharing the stories of our farmers and preparing made to order coffee for you.

We are not coffee snobs. We want specialty coffee to be accessible to everyone from the novice to the aficionado, and we love sharing and learning with old friends and new.

At its roots, coffee inspires us to have a dialogue, a conversation. Share a coffee with us today.